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Learning you have NASH 

Every year millions of people are told they have a form of liver disease called NASH.  For many patients, the diagnosis comes as a surprise since NASH can develop with few to no serious symptoms. Patients are typically counseled to undergo lifestyle changes such as weight loss to slow disease progression.  This is because prolonged liver inflammation can lead to even more serious disease, such as cirrhosis or cancer.

Symptoms of NASH

In the early stages of NASH, people will often not experience any symptoms. Most people feel normal and are not aware that they have the condition. However, after several years of damage to the liver, people may start to experience the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue (an overwhelming tiredness)
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Overall weakness (lack of physical strength)
  • Ache in the upper right of the belly.

Advances in NASH treatment

There  are currently no medicines approved to treat NASH. For patients with NASH who are obese or overweight, doctors recommend gradually losing weight (7% or more of their body weight over 1 year). This can lower the amount of fat in the liver and reduce inflammation. Gradual weight loss can be achieved by making healthier food choices, having smaller portion sizes, and being more physically active. Very-low-calorie diets or fasting (eating and drinking nothing except water) are not recommended as rapid weight loss may make NASH worse. 

Continued clinical research on NASH may help us find out more about the causes of this condition and ultimately find cures for people with NASH. 

You can get involved

There are opportunities for people with NASH and healthy volunteers to contribute to NASH clinical research, and potentially change the future treatment of this life-limiting condition.


The resources below provide further information on NASH and advice on taking part in clinical research.

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