It is all about helping patients

You can participate in clinical research by referring patients to clinical trials or by helping conduct research.

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For Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Research Coordinator Spotlight

CRCs are the face of clinical trials – meet Arielle Lapid

Lupus Unmet Needs

For Healthcare Professionals

Meeting the unmet needs of SLE

Shaping the future — working to advance the development of biologic therapies

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Multiple Sclerosis Unmet Needs

For Healthcare Professionals

Meeting the changing unmet needs of multiple sclerosis

Moving from preventing relapse to reducing disability

Diabetes Unmet Needs

For Healthcare Professionals

Type 2 diabetes management: more to come in an already busy arena

Exploring new mechanisms of action and a patient-centered approach

Referring your patients into clinical trials

Reaching the full potential in clinical research would not be possible without the dedication and involvement of the healthcare community, as well as the altruism and commitment of patient volunteers. The speed of research is accelerating. So is the need for your help.

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Understanding the patient journey

Learn about what patients may experience while taking part in a clinical trial. The patient journey extends from expressing an interest to trial participation.

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