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Study participants will receive coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) study-related care at no cost.

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Clinical studies continue during the COVID-19 pandemic

The majority of clinical studies continue to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Study teams are working closely with participants to ensure patient safety while meeting trial goals for successful clinical research.

Most healthcare facilities remain open in most areas, however many of them have changed their hours and have new procedures to ensure safety for trial participants.

Some study doctors may suggest televisits (phone or video call) so that patients can still attend scheduled visits without having to leave home.

If you are currently enrolled in a clinical trial, be sure to speak with your doctor about the status of your study and discuss any changes that have been put in place due to the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

Participating in clinical research

Clinical research is vital to the development of new medical treatments. Clinical research is the study of medical conditions in people, which enables researchers to gather valuable knowledge to advance medical insights around the world. Without clinical research trials, advances in healthcare and medical treatments would not be possible.

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For Potential Participants

Lockdown Could Worsen Hearing Woes for U.S. Seniors

Isolation due to the pandemic and failure to get...

For Potential Participants

Probiotic Might Help Ease Children's Eczema

Applying a type of "good" bacteria to the skin ma...

For Potential Participants

Does Hostility Predispose You to a Second Heart Attack?

If you have experienced a heart attack and you ha...

For Potential Participants

Some Psoriasis Meds May Also Help Prevent Heart Disease

Biologic therapy for the skin condition psoriasis...

For Potential Participants

Wildfires Ravage Land, and Lungs, Across the U.S. West

HVAC repairman Brad Sissell shrugged off the acid...

For Potential Participants

Health Highlights: Sept. 15, 2020

Link Between Poor Sleep and Obesity: Study Democrats to Investigate Trump Appointee's Alleged Meddling in CDC Pandemic Reports Anti-Inflammatory Drug May Shorten Recovery Time for COVID-19 Patients Taking Remdesivir Effectiveness of Inhaled Coronavirus Vaccines to be Studied

For Potential Participants

Probiotic Skin Therapy Helps Improve Eczema In Children, New Study Finds

Researchers say modifying the skin microbiome lessens eczema severity and improves quality of life in kids.

For Potential Participants

Long Afternoon Naps May Be Risky To Your Health

Snoozing for more than one hour could increase heart disease risk, researchers say.

For Potential Participants

Bee Healthy: Honey May Beat Cold Meds Against Cough

There may be no cure for the common cold, but a s...

For Potential Participants

Antibiotics May Reduce Efficacy Of Hormonal Contraceptives

Unintended pregnancies reported more often with antibiotics than other control medicines.

For Potential Participants

Even With PPE, Risk of COVID-19 Still High for Frontline Workers

Minority health care workers are at especially high risk for testing positive.

For Potential Participants

Is Your Home Workstation Hurting You?

If you're working from a home office these days,...

For Potential Participants

Many Older Adults Can't Connect With Telehealth: Study

The coronavirus pandemic has fueled big increases...

All For Potential Participants

New Drug May Beat Older One at Preventing MS Relapse

A new injection drug can prevent multiple scleros...

For Potential Participants

Many Older Americans Staying Strong in the Pandemic

Older Americans are feeling stressed by COVID-19...

For Potential Participants

Pandemic Could Complicate Hurricane Season

As Hurricane Isaias moved toward the east coast o...

For Potential Participants

Nearly Half Of All Adolescents In The U.S. Are Not Vaccinated Against The Human Papillomavirus

Parents cite safety concerns and lack of knowledge as two of the top reasons why, according to new study.

For Potential Participants

Is Telemedicine the Future?

An expert explains the pros and cons

For Potential Participants

Is Chocolate Really A Sweet Treat For Your Heart?

Eating chocolate at least once a week appears to protect the heart's blood vessels, study finds.

For Potential Participants

Even Mild Obesity Raises Odds for Severe COVID-19

Even mild obesity significantly drives up the ris...

For Potential Participants

Can Doctors Predict Who Will Be Most Likely To Develop Dementia?

Here are some key factors that may help reveal dementia risk, according to a new study.

For Potential Participants

Hispanic Americans Being Hit Hard By COVID-19

COVID-19 is being diagnosed in Hispanic communiti...

For Potential Participants

Loneliness Not Rising Among Americans Under Lockdown, New Study Finds.

Participants actually perceived greater support from others during this time.

For Potential Participants

NBA Players to Assess New Coronavirus Test

A saliva-based test for the new coronavirus will...

For Potential Participants

Coronavirus Delivering a Big Economic Blow to Women

Not only have women been more likely than men to...

For Potential Participants

U.S. Reports Record Rise in New Coronavirus Cases

The United States recorded its worst day of new c...

For Potential Participants

When Can Sports Fans Safely Fill Stadiums Again?

Sports fans are itching to watch their favorite t...

For Potential Participants

COVID-19 Typically Mild for Babies: Study

Most babies with COVID-19 have mild illness, with...

For Potential Participants

What Your Tongue Says About Your Heart Health

If it's dark red with a yellow coating, it could be a sign of chronic heart failure, study finds.

For Potential Participants

Spring Break Trip Led to 64 COVID Cases in Texas

College students who partied on the beach at Cabo...

For Potential Participants

Does COVID-19 Trigger New Cases of Diabetes?

Early in the coronavirus pandemic, doctors learne...

For Potential Participants

COVID-19 May Trigger Diabetes In Previously Healthy People, New Study Finds.

Experts believe the virus may be attacking organs involved with sugar metabolism.

For Potential Participants

Coronavirus Doesn't Favor Crowded Cities, Study Shows

Densely populated areas of the United States don'...

For Potential Participants

Icky Prescription: Could Hookworms Help Ease MS?

In a new trial there are hints, but no proof, tha...

For Potential Participants

COVID-19 Can Start With Neurological Symptoms

While a fever and cough have seemed to be the ear...

For Potential Participants

Pandemic Causing Havoc for Kids With ADHD

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity dis...

For Potential Participants

Eating A Late Dinner May Impact Your Metabolism

A 10 p.m. dinner date could lead to weight gain and up your risk of metabolic syndrome, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

Pandemic Is Changing Your Next Doc Appointment

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many doc...

For Potential Participants

Face Masks vs. Face Shields for Fighting COVID-19

The pros and cons of face masks and face shields to fight COVID-19

For Potential Participants

Drugs Commonly Prescribed For Anxiety And Insomnia May Increase The Risk Of Ectopic Pregnancy

Taking benzodiazepines before conception linked to dangerous pregnancy condition, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

3 Ways Pets Can Help Protect Your Mental Health During Times of Crisis

The American Heart Association says pets can improve your mood, thinking and behavior.

For Potential Participants

Are Healthy Gums Just A Vape Away From Gum Disease?

Vaping may increase the risk of inflammation and infection in your mouth, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

How Many American Adults Are Obese?

The latest obesity numbers from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

For Potential Participants

Drug Shows Promise Against Aggressive Breast Cancer

The immunotherapy drug Keytruda might offer a new...

For Potential Participants

What Works Best to Ease Flare-Ups of COPD?

The best available drugs to treat sudden COPD fla...

For Potential Participants

The Latest Trends In Marijuana Use

More baby boomers are smoking marijuana. Women, too.

For Potential Participants

These Foods May Significantly Lower Your Risk Of Stroke

Fiber, fruits and veggies could cut your odds of the most common type of stroke.

For Potential Participants

Common Tech-Related Injuries

Do you have swiper's thumb or text neck?

For Potential Participants

Are Your Sitting Habits Increasing Your Risk Of Diabetes and Heart Disease?

Older women are sitting 8.5 to 9 hours per day throwing off their insulin levels and BMI.

For Potential Participants

Women Patients Still Missing in Heart Research

Women remain underrepresented in heart disease re...

For Potential Participants

What Is Toxic Masculinity?

And how does it impact the mental health of men?

For Potential Participants

Pregnancy And Paraben Exposure

Artificial preservatives used in many consumer products linked to childhood weight problems.

For Potential Participants

Sharing The Love On Valentine's Day And Every Other Day

10 tips to show your kids unconditional love and support.

For Potential Participants

Defining Early Puberty In Girls

The age of breast development declined significantly over the past 4 decades.

For Potential Participants

Teens And Sexual Identity

More high schoolers are identifying as sexual minorities.

For Potential Participants

Share Your Room But Not Your Bed

Important advice to lower the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

For Potential Participants

Smartphones And Distracted Walking

Texting, talking or listening to music -- what's more dangerous when you're on the go?

For Potential Participants

Vaping Can Cause Serious Skin Problems, New Study Finds

More burns, rashes and mouth lesions linked to e-cigarettes.

For Potential Participants

Should You Change Your Diet To Protect Your Heart?

Eating Red Meat Twice A Week Ups The Risk of Heart Disease.

For Potential Participants

45 Or 50 When Should Colon Cancer Screenings Start?

A new study suggests many cases of colon cancer are going undetected in young adults.

For Potential Participants

What Should You Be Adding To Your Diet To Help Stave Off Dementia?

Foods high in this antioxidant appear to fight Alzheimer's disease.

For Potential Participants

Is That Restaurant Menu Full Of Unhealthy Choices?

Most fast-food and full-service restaurants need to improve nutritional quality, study finds.

For Potential Participants

How Can You Inspire Kids To Work Harder In School?

The impact of praise versus reprimands in the classroom

For Potential Participants

Too Few Patients Enrolling in Cancer Trials

Enrollment in clinical trials that can potentiall...

For Potential Participants

Do You Know The Signs Of An Opioid Overdose?

More Americans are being urged to carry a potentially lifesaving medication.

For Potential Participants

Is A Bigger Brain Better?

Brain size doesn't always matter when it comes to aging and memory.

For Potential Participants

Undercover FDA Investigation Finds Illegal Steroid Creams Being Sold Over The Counter

Investigators recommend checking labels of steroid products purchased at foreign import stores.

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