Clinical trials are needed to help us improve how we fight diseases

Here you can learn about clinical trials and what new hope is on the horizon. Check out the articles below and find clinical trials you may be able to take part in.

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Can we get ahead of Alzheimer's disease

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Can we get ahead of Alzheimer's disease?

Potential blood test may help doctors detect Alzheimer’s disease before the damage is done

Lack of sleep linked to Alzheimer's

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New Alzheimer's Disease research breakthroughs

The 2020s have been the most impactful decade so far for the debilitating form of dementia

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How much do you know about Alzheimer's dementia?

Discover some common early symptoms and signs of Alzheimer's dementia

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Researchers believe there may be 5 types of diabetes

Could a more personalized treatment plan be needed?

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Facing the new year with cancer

Getting ready to face a new year while facing cancer is no easy task

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New treatments are on the horizon for lupus patients

From biologics to CAR-T, developments in clinical research for SLE have opened new treatment doors for patients.

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Possible link between multiple sclerosis and viral infection?

Researchers are looking to learn more about if and how a virus can trigger multiple sclerosis

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Making lifestyle changes: ten ideas to get started

Losing excess weight together with an active lifestyle are solid ways for MASH patients to manage their disease. For those unsure of where to start, here are ten ideas to get things rolling.

Liver biopsy patient

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Learning you need a liver biopsy: staying calm

A liver biopsy helps in the diagnosis of liver disease, but can be distressing. Here are some ways to stay emotionally strong before, during and after the procedure.

About clinical trials

Clinical research is the study of health and illness in people. Clinical research is how we develop new treatments and gather knowledge for better health and medical care. A clinical trial is a research study involving human participants.

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How can I get involved in clinical trials?

Search this site for IQVIA-managed clinical trials. Also, download questions to ask when you first contact a trial doctor to inquire about a clinical trial.

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