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Training support for IQVIA clinical research sites

We understand our investigators and sites may sometimes require training support in clinical research. Aligned to our goal of enhancing the sites’ experience when working with IQVIA, we have developed online training for active investigators and their staff.

Available training modules

The current training available to our active investigators covers a variety of topics related to Good Clinical Practice (GCP). This interactive, user-friendly training is TransCelerate Mutually Recognized and incorporates the latest guidance from the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) (E6, R2).

The core program includes 7 general ICH/FDA GCP modules, with 2 optional modules for sites in South Africa (module 8) and for training about applying GCP in observational and non-interventional trials (module 9).

Module 1:
Introduction to the clinical drug development process 

ICH Sections 1 and 2
Refresher Training

Module 2:
Institutional Review Board/Independent Ethics Committee

ICH Section 3

Module 3:
Investigator responsibilities

ICH Section 4

Module 4:
Sponsor responsibilities overview

ICH Section 5

Module 5:
Investigator brochure and clinical trial protocol

ICH Sections 6 and 7

Module 6:
Essential documents 

ICH Section 8

Module 7:
Compliance, non-compliance, scientific misconduct and fraud 

ICH sections 4.5 and 5.2

Module 8:
South African guidelines


Module 9:
GCP for observational/ non-interventional trials


Getting access

IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to the training platform is restricted to investigational research sites that are actively working on IQVIA projects. Also, a valid user ID and password are required to access the training platform.

New users

If you are an active IQVIA investigator and have received a registration code, you may proceed to the training platform and complete the initial self-registration using the code you received. If you have not received a code, please contact your designated IQVIA study team to obtain the required access registration code.

Returning users

If you are a returning user with a user ID and password and need to recertify, you can do so by logging in to the website using your existing login credentials. There you will find your previous certificates of completion and you will be able to print them when required. You will also be able to take the test or complete the course again.

Click the button below to access our training platform or register as a new user.

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