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Doctor with Heart

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How Sleep Woes May Strain Your Heart

If you spend a lot of nights watching the clock instead of sleeping, new research suggests you may need to be as concerned about your heart health as you are about lost shut-eye.

Clipboard with Parkinson's Disease

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What is Parkinson's disease?

We all lose brain cells as we age -- and most of them aren't really missed. But when the wrong cells stop doing their job, a person can become seriously ill.

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Major Medical Groups Urge Americans to Wear Face Masks

Three major medical groups are urging Americans t...

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New U.S. Coronavirus Cases Hit Another High

For the 27th day in a row, the rolling seven-day...

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What's the Best DIY Face Mask Against COVID-19?

Researchers say one style of face mask has little to no effect on stopping cough droplets.

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Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water. Here's How

Trips to the beach or a pool add to summer's fun,...

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HIV May Not Worsen COVID-19 Outlook

People with HIV who were hospitalized with COVID-...

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