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Doctor with Heart

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How Sleep Woes May Strain Your Heart

If you spend a lot of nights watching the clock instead of sleeping, new research suggests you may need to be as concerned about your heart health as you are about lost shut-eye.

Clipboard with Parkinson's Disease

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What is Parkinson's disease?

We all lose brain cells as we age -- and most of them aren't really missed. But when the wrong cells stop doing their job, a person can become seriously ill.

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How to Protect Yourself from the Sun's UV Rays This Summer

Tips on how to reduce your risk of skin cancer, the most common cancer in the United States.

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Yoga Helps Fight Depression, New Study Finds.

Researchers say movement-based yoga helps improve symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

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Eating Just One Meal High In Saturated Fat Can Hurt Your Concentration, New Study Finds.

Researchers say they were surprised by the results of their investigation.

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Serious Bowel Abnormalities Found in COVID-19 Patients

Imaging scans show COVID-19 patients can have bowel damage, new study finds.

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Could Interferon Drugs Help Fight COVID-19?

In the race to find treatments for COVID-19, the...

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Laws Banning Texting and Driving Save Teenage Lives

Distracted driving laws can help decrease fatal motor vehicle crashes involving teens.

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Drug Combo Offers Hope Against Advanced Bladder Cancer

A combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy m...

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Enjoying Dark Chocolate, Berries And Tea May Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer's Disease.

Flavonoid-rich foods help lower the risk of memory-robbing dementias, study finds.

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