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Diabetes Diagnosis

For Potential Participants

First Steps After a Diabetes Diagnosis

When you're diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor is likely to start you on a program to lower blood sugar and help insulin work more efficiently...

Kidney disease with pills

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Kidney Disease More Deadly for Men

Chronic kidney disease is more likely to progress to kidney failure and death in men than in women, a new study reveals.

Caring Doctor

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Caring Doctors Can Be Life-Changing for Diabetic Patients

A kind, understanding doctor could spell the difference between life or death for diabetes patients, a new study suggests.

Aphasia blocks

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Aphasia: At a Loss for Words

Every year, 80,000 stroke patients have trouble understanding language and speaking in a way that's comprehensible to others, a condition called aphasia.

Brain with Key words

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Parkinson's Gene Therapy Wires New Brain Circuits

An experimental gene therapy for Parkinson's disease seems to work by rewiring key areas of the brain, a new study finds.

elderly woman with arthritis pain

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Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Show Up Long Before Diagnosis

Difficulties with daily activities such as dressing, walking and eating can be seen in rheumatoid arthritis patients a year or two before they're diagnosed, a new study shows...

elderly woman with hand pain

For Potential Participants

Is Your Hand Pain Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel or Something Else?

You use your hands nearly every minute of the day, so any time they hurt it's important to find out why.

Man holding kidney

For Potential Participants

Kidney Disease Claiming More Lives

Deaths from chronic kidney disease are on the rise, especially among young adults, a new study finds.

Dr attending to COPD patient

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD never really goes away, which is why it's called "chronic." You can, however, take steps to protect your airways and improve your breathing.

For Potential Participants

Heart Health and Cancer Risk

Heart attack survivors at increased risk of developing cancer.

For Potential Participants

Young People Who Use Pot 10 or More Days a Month May Negatively Impact Their Health

Frequent use or abuse of marijuana linked to increased risk of stroke and heart rhythm disturbances.

For Potential Participants

The Impact of Family Criticism On Your Health

Strained relations with your parents and siblings may hurt your health more than problems with your spouse or partner.

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Trouble Sleeping May Be A Sign of Future Cardiovascular Trouble

Insomnia symptoms linked to higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

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More Than 11,000 Scientists In 153 Countries Declare Climate Emergency

A global alliance of scientists warns of "untold human suffering" without immediate action on climate change.

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Short Bouts of Exercise May Help Save Your Memory

Just minutes of physical activity a day can protect your brain as you age.

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Serious Shortage of Child Psychiatrists

Many children with mental health disorders have no access to professional care.

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Sleep Is Crucial For A Healthy Brain

You've got to get those Z's to help your brain flush out harmful waste.

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How Common Is Pain In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Children with ASD have significantly higher odds of frequent or chronic pain.

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