Referring your patients into clinical trials

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Why should you refer your patients?

The speed of research is accelerating. So is the need for your help.

Reaching the full potential in clinical research would not be possible without the dedication and involvement of the healthcare community, as well as the altruism and commitment of patient volunteers. 

Advances in science and technology have greatly expanded opportunities to conduct clinical research for more disease states and more targeted treatments.

In the last two decades, the increase in the number of clinical trials registered on the database has increased significantly. In 2023 there are nearly 470,000 trials listed on the governmental site. Of these trials, 360,000 are interventional – aimed to test a potential new drug, medical device, or surgical procedure – while the rest follow an observational research design or an expanded access pathway. In an observational research trial, unlike in an interventional clinical trial, participants do not receive any intervention (potential new drug, device or medical procedure) by the investigator. Instead, investigators observe trial participants and evaluate health outcomes in usual clinical practice. An expanded access pathway refers to the use of a potential new drug or medical device outside of a clinical trial.

These efforts create an ever-expanding need for the healthcare community to participate.

How to refer your patients into a clinical trial

Most drugs available on the market received approval based on clinical trials involving thousands of patients. Annually, in the United States and England, more than 2.5 million patients volunteer to take part in clinical trials. But the path for patients to get involved is not always easy to find.

Numerous patients decide to volunteer for clinical trials based on the information provided by their physician. As a healthcare professional, you can encourage patients’ involvement by increasing their awareness about clinical trials, educating them on the potential benefits and risks of participation, and emphasizing the contribution of clinical trials to the advancement of medical knowledge. 

There is a tremendous opportunity for the healthcare professional community to help connect patients with appropriate trials.

Finding clinical trial information to share with patients

Search this site for IQVIA-managed clinical trials, or visit for a listing of all clinical trials.


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