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female runner with asthma inhaler

For Potential Participants

Exercise and Asthma

Do you wheeze during a workout? Do you cough after a morning jog? If so, don't despair. You could be Olympic material.

sugar sweetened sodas on ice

For Potential Participants

Kidney Disease Risk Tied to Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

People who drink lots of sugar-sweetened drinks may be putting themselves at a heightened risk for kidney disease, a new study suggests.

elderly woman with hand pain

For Potential Participants

Is Your Hand Pain Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel or Something Else?

You use your hands nearly every minute of the day, so any time they hurt it's important to find out why.

CVD Study Thumbnail

For Potential Participants

If you have heart disease, you may qualify for a research study.

Heart disease studies recruiting. No cost for study-related care.

high cholesterol foods

For Potential Participants

Preventing Heart Disease: Watch Your Cholesterol

When too much cholesterol accumulates in the bloodstream, it can build up in the coronary arteries and block the flow of blood to the heart. But cholesterol doesn't have to be a threat.

opioid kidney thumbnail

For Potential Participants

AHA News: Opioid Meds Pose Danger to Kidney Disease Patients

Medication options can be limited for people with chronic kidney disease, which is why they often get prescribed opioids to help manage pain. But new research finds that opioids could increase the risk of hospitalization and even death.

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diabetic woman checking blood pressure

For Potential Participants

AHA News: Diabetes Remains Dangerous Despite Modern Medicine

Despite medical advances, having diabetes is still linked to a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, new research shows.

obese man getting blood pressure checkup

For Potential Participants

Obesity and Heart Disease

Want to know your vulnerability to heart disease? Like it or not, one of the best ways to know is to get on the scale. Even a few extra pounds can be hard on your heart.

nurse checking blood pressure for elderly man

For Potential Participants

Nearly Half of American Adults Have Unhealthy Hearts: Report

Almost half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure, heart disease or a history of stroke, a new report shows.

scientific model of a heart

For Potential Participants

AHA: 7 Things That Can Affect the Heart -- And What to Do About Them

Genetics can play a role in cardiovascular health, but so can lifestyle changes. Here are seven factors than can affect the heart and what to do about them.

man refusing high cholesterol foods

For Potential Participants

Fast Facts for Men (and Women) About High Cholesterol

High cholesterol, a serious risk factor for heart disease, can affect both men and women, and it's common for cholesterol levels to rise with age. But it's often a problem for men earlier in life than for women.

healthy cholesterol lowering foods

For Potential Participants

Some Foods Can Be Cholesterol Fighters

Watching your cholesterol has gotten easier. Even better news -- some foods can bring down your cholesterol level.

female doctor observing coughing man

For Potential Participants

Persistent Cough May Mean See Your Doctor

After suffering through a cold, many people still have a persistent cough -- but why?

woman exercising stretching

For Potential Participants

Exercise Your Right to Fight Disease

Research consistently tells you just how important exercise is for health. It can help head off heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many types of cancer, including breast and colon cancers.

intestines for transplant

For Potential Participants

Poop Transplants May Help Ease Painful Colitis

Research suggests that fecal transplants may be effective treatment for ulcerative colitis.

For Potential Participants

Results of community survey for 2018

We surveyed our users at the end of 2018 and here is what we learned!

For Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Research Coordinator Spotlight

CRCs are the face of clinical trials – meet Arielle Lapid

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How much do you know about Alzheimer's dementia?

Discover some common early symptoms and signs of Alzheimer's dementia

For Potential Participants

Could a vaccine be used to help prevent type 1 diabetes?

Finnish clinical trials to study enterovirus vaccine, to see if it may help prevent type 1 diabetes

For Potential Participants

Could multiple sclerosis be on the rise?

Researchers need to learn more about the number of people with multiple sclerosis

Lupus Unmet Needs

For Healthcare Professionals

Meeting the unmet needs of SLE

Shaping the future — working to advance the development of biologic therapies

Multiple Sclerosis Unmet Needs

For Healthcare Professionals

Meeting the changing unmet needs of multiple sclerosis

Moving from preventing relapse to reducing disability

Diabetes Unmet Needs

For Healthcare Professionals

Type 2 diabetes management: more to come in an already busy arena

Exploring new mechanisms of action and a patient-centered approach

Can we get ahead of Alzheimer's disease

For Potential Participants

Can we get ahead of Alzheimer's disease?

Potential blood test may help doctors detect Alzheimer’s disease before the damage is done

For Potential Participants

Could a new approach for treating lupus be under way?

An antibiotic or vaccine aimed at a gut bacterium suppresses lupus-like autoimmunity in mice

NASH drug treatment

For Potential Participants

Drug treatment for NASH may soon become a reality

Pharmaceutical companies are rushing to fill the NASH treatment gap

NASH diet and exercise

For Potential Participants

Diet and exercise – the cornerstone of NASH disease management

Losing excess weight together with an active lifestyle remains the best way to help NASH patients

Lack of sleep linked to Alzheimer's

For Potential Participants

Could a lack of sleep be linked to Alzheimer's disease?

Clinical trials find possible link between sleep disorders and dementia

For Potential Participants

Who Is Most At Risk For Putting On The Freshmen 15?

Male students more likely to gain weight as college freshmen.

For Potential Participants

Fighting Ageist Attitudes

Education and contact with older people can significantly reduce ageism.

For Potential Participants

Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer Risk

MS patients may have a higher risk of developing certain cancers.

For Potential Participants

The Risks of Taking Opioids During Pregnancy

Children exposed to opioids in utero face serious health consequences.

For Potential Participants

Sleep Habits and Breast Cancer Risk

Being a morning person may protect you from developing breast cancer.

For Potential Participants

Common Antibacterial Linked to Bone Loss

An antibacterial found in consumer goods and personal care products may increase the risk of osteoporosis.

For Potential Participants

Migraines and Food Worry

Young adults facing food insecurity at higher risk of migraine headaches.

For Potential Participants

Is Green Tea a Fad or a Real Health Boost?

Green tea is a popular health trend, with many pe...

For Potential Participants

Are Video-Gamers At Higher Risk of Obesity?

Is the stereotype of the overweight video-gamer a myth?

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