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Study participants will receive coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) study-related care at no cost.

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Clinical studies continue during the COVID-19 pandemic

The majority of clinical studies continue to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. Study teams are working closely with participants to ensure patient safety while meeting trial goals for successful clinical research.

Most healthcare facilities remain open in most areas, however many of them have changed their hours and have new procedures to ensure safety for trial participants.

Some study doctors may suggest televisits (phone or video call) so that patients can still attend scheduled visits without having to leave home.

If you are currently enrolled in a clinical trial, be sure to speak with your doctor about the status of your study and discuss any changes that have been put in place due to the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

Participating in clinical research

Clinical research is vital to the development of new medical treatments. Clinical research is the study of medical conditions in people, which enables researchers to gather valuable knowledge to advance medical insights around the world. Without clinical research trials, advances in healthcare and medical treatments would not be possible.

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For Potential Participants

What's Next for the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Expert discusses the rollout and potential pitfalls

For Potential Participants

Is Your Mask Causing Your Face to Break Out?

Many people are developing facial acne and other skin irritations from masks and shields

For Potential Participants

'Heat Not Burn' Cigarettes Can Still Harm the Heart

"Heat-not-burn" tobacco products, created as an a...

For Potential Participants

Homeless More Likely to Die After Heart Attack

Homeless people are three times more likely to di...

For Potential Participants

Glaucoma Checkups Fall by the Wayside During Pandemic

In yet another sign that the coronavirus pandemic...

For Potential Participants

Two Common Vaccinations Appear To Lower The Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease

Both the flu and pneumonia vaccines may help protect against cognitive decline.

For Potential Participants

Is Chocolate Really A Sweet Treat For Your Heart?

Eating chocolate at least once a week appears to protect the heart's blood vessels, study finds.

For Potential Participants

Even Mild Obesity Raises Odds for Severe COVID-19

Even mild obesity significantly drives up the ris...

For Potential Participants

Can Doctors Predict Who Will Be Most Likely To Develop Dementia?

Here are some key factors that may help reveal dementia risk, according to a new study.

For Potential Participants

People With Gum Disease At Higher Risk Of Certain Cancers

Tooth loss may also increase the risk, according to researchers.

For Potential Participants

Two Popular Fasting Diets Lead to Weight Loss In Patients With Obesity

Time-restricted eating may also improve certain heart risk factors.

For Potential Participants

Getting Your Daily Dose Of Protein From Plants May Lengthen Your Life

A more plant-based diet can also cut your risk of heart-related death, a new study finds.

For Potential Participants

Hispanic Americans Being Hit Hard By COVID-19

COVID-19 is being diagnosed in Hispanic communiti...

For Potential Participants

Loneliness Not Rising Among Americans Under Lockdown, New Study Finds.

Participants actually perceived greater support from others during this time.

For Potential Participants

NBA Players to Assess New Coronavirus Test

A saliva-based test for the new coronavirus will...

For Potential Participants

Coronavirus Delivering a Big Economic Blow to Women

Not only have women been more likely than men to...

For Potential Participants

U.S. Reports Record Rise in New Coronavirus Cases

The United States recorded its worst day of new c...

For Potential Participants

When Can Sports Fans Safely Fill Stadiums Again?

Sports fans are itching to watch their favorite t...

For Potential Participants

COVID-19 Typically Mild for Babies: Study

Most babies with COVID-19 have mild illness, with...

For Potential Participants

What Your Tongue Says About Your Heart Health

If it's dark red with a yellow coating, it could be a sign of chronic heart failure, study finds.

For Potential Participants

Spring Break Trip Led to 64 COVID Cases in Texas

College students who partied on the beach at Cabo...

For Potential Participants

Does COVID-19 Trigger New Cases of Diabetes?

Early in the coronavirus pandemic, doctors learne...

For Potential Participants

COVID-19 May Trigger Diabetes In Previously Healthy People, New Study Finds.

Experts believe the virus may be attacking organs involved with sugar metabolism.

For Potential Participants

Coronavirus Doesn't Favor Crowded Cities, Study Shows

Densely populated areas of the United States don'...

For Potential Participants

Telehealth May Help Rural Americans Keep the Weight Off

Although many people can lose weight, few maintai...

For Potential Participants

How Might Hot Summer Days Affect COVID Spread?

Sunny days are associated with higher rates of CO...

For Potential Participants

Teens Who Feel Their Parents Are Overbearing May Have Trouble With Relationships

Parenting style impacts psychological and social growth, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

Eating A Late Dinner May Impact Your Metabolism

A 10 p.m. dinner date could lead to weight gain and up your risk of metabolic syndrome, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

Pandemic Is Changing Your Next Doc Appointment

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many doc...

For Potential Participants

Face Masks vs. Face Shields for Fighting COVID-19

The pros and cons of face masks and face shields to fight COVID-19

For Potential Participants

New Polio Vaccine Promising in Early Test

A new oral polio vaccine promises to help make po...

For Potential Participants

How You Brew Your Coffee May Impact Your Heart Health

Choosing filtered coffee reduces the risk of heart attack and death, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

Your Diet and Dementia Risk

Certain food combinations may be bad for the brain, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

More Good News on Remdesivir's Power to Treat COVID-19

Preliminary data from two clinical trials using t...

For Potential Participants

Screen Time and Autism Risk

Greater TV and video viewing at 12 months linked to ASD-like symptoms at 2.

For Potential Participants

Family History And Colon Cancer Risk

Early screening based on family history can help prevent colon cancer.

For Potential Participants

Genetics Or Obesity . . . Which Plays A Bigger Role In Diabetes?

Weight is the most dominant risk factor for type 2 diabetes, new study finds.

For Potential Participants

What's The Best Treatment For Knee Osteoarthritis?

A new study compares steroid injections to physical therapy for relieving pain and improving function.

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