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Learning you have NASH 

Every year millions of people around the world are told they have a serious form of liver disease called NASH. For many patients, the diagnosis is a surprise since NASH can develop with few to no serious symptoms. Patients are typically counseled to undergo lifestyle changes such as weight loss to slow disease progression. This is because prolonged liver inflammation can lead to even more serious disease, such as cirrhosis or cancer. This can feel overwhelming to a person who has likely struggled with maintaining a healthy weight. But there are new options on the horizon. 

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Ready to learn about research studies that may benefit patients with NASH? Take a look at the trials that are currently recruiting. Each will show criteria a potential participant must meet to enroll - this is called eligibility criteria. There can be a number of factors here that an interested person must match. And just because someone is not a match for one trial does not mean that will be the case for all trials since each has different eligibility requirements. 


A series of short articles that look at different aspects of life with NASH.

For Potential Participants

Talking to your PCP about NASH

Many adults at risk for NASH have not talked to their primary care physician about the concern as it can be hard to know how to bring it up. Here are some tips to help ease the conversation.

Liver biopsy patient

For Potential Participants

Learning you need a liver biopsy: staying calm

A liver biopsy helps in the diagnosis of liver disease, but can be distressing. Here are some ways to stay emotionally strong before, during and after the procedure.

Man exercising_NASH

For Potential Participants

Making lifestyle changes: ten ideas to get started

Losing excess weight together with an active lifestyle are solid ways for NASH patients to manage their disease. For those unsure of where to start, here are ten ideas to get things rolling.


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