Results of community survey for 2018

We surveyed our users at the end of 2018 and here is what we learned!

Categories: For Potential Participants, [Diabetes, Diabetes Type I, Diabetes Type II]

The 2018 community survey was an attempt to learn more about our users’ experience with and attitudes towards clinical research in general and clinical trial participation specifically. With 1800 responses, we learned that 38% of our users have participated in a clinical trial. Among those users, endocrinology (e.g. diabetes) was the most common research area for clinical trials, with 15% stating they participated in endocrinology trials. The 62% of users who had not yet participated in a clinical trial indicated that the main reason was they were never given the option to participate in one. We want to thank those who participated in a clinical trial! We hope to provide users with more opportunities to participate in clinical research in 2019.

Our mission for 2019 is to engage with our users more through surveys and forums to discover how we can help you in navigating the clinical trial process. We also want to know what you would like to see more of from us. Do you want general information on clinical research? Do you want us to pull back the curtain and show more of the physician’s side of research?  Feel free to let us know by emailing us at or tweeting us @IQVIA_Research.

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