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What researchers look for in clinical study participants 

Because each clinical trial focuses on a specific medical condition and has its own unique objectives, it’s important to review the patient requirements when considering a study. There are some characteristics you must have – called inclusion criteria – and some that may automatically exclude you – called exclusion criteria. For example, the trial could be looking for women age 40-65 with high blood pressure but who are not currently taking medication.

These criteria may be related to the type and stage of a disease, medicines you take, other medical conditions and whether you’ve participated in other trials recently. The qualification process is designed to protect your safety and ensure researchers get the information they need.

To make sure you match the study criteria, you typically fill out a screening questionnaire and receive a complete physical. You may not qualify for every trial you find, but keep trying! There are often many trials for the same condition running at the same time. If you sign up for our email alerts, you’ll also know when new trials that match your interests are added.

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