What to expect?

When you join a clinical trial as a patient, it may feel a lot like going to a new doctor. You’ll fill out paperwork and meet with the trial team of doctors and nurses. An initial screening process will determine if you meet the criteria for the study and may include:

  • Your medical history
  • Review of current medications you’re taking
  • Preliminary screening exams
  • Diagnostic tests specific to the clinical trial

You may also be asked to provide:

  • A copy of your medical records for review
  • Written approval of your personal physician

The trial team needs your legal consent to include you in the study, so they will give you full details about the research being done and answer any questions you have. Once you understand your rights as a participant and any potential risks, you will sign an informed consent document. You may still ask questions or even leave the trial at any time.

The clinical trial team – doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other study professionals – will maintain the highest standard of care during the study. You may have more follow-up visits than you normally would because the researchers monitor your health very closely. You may be asked to keep a log of when you took the medication and any health effects you experienced. Every piece of information may shed light on how the new drug works and who should take it.

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