Patient Volunteers

Medical breakthroughs can change lives, but it takes many clinical trial patients to help bring a new medicine to reality. To prove a potential drug is safe and effective, it must be tested in enough people over a long period of time to uncover any problems. After Phase 1 trials determine initial safety and dosing levels in healthy individuals, Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials enroll patients who have the health condition the medicine is targeting. This way, researchers can learn how effective the new drug is and how it compares to the standard treatment.

Is there a drug trial that’s right for you? 

You’ll find drug trials run the gamut of health conditions – from clinical trials for cancer or diabetes to trials for acne and snoring. Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials generally extend over months or years – but you may have to check in only for periodic exams. In a clinical trial patients may get to take a new therapy before it’s available to the general public. One thing is certain: You’ll be helping researchers better understand how to help others with the same condition you have – today and in the future.

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"Diabetes" or "Asthma", for example.