Qualified to be a volunteer?

Meeting the criteria to volunteer for a clinical trial

Most Phase I clinical trials are looking for healthy adults age 18 or older. But every study is different. Some may be testing only women or a specific age group. Some may need non-smokers or people under stress. Some may even want people who have symptoms of a health problem or are already taking certain medications. It just depends on what the researchers are investigating. So if you don’t qualify for one trial, don’t give up! You may be perfect for the next one.

To find out if you meet the criteria for a trial, you may be asked to fill out a screening questionnaire. Before enrolling in the trial, you will be provided with information about the study, and a doctor will give you a complete physical, possibly taking blood and urine samples. If your health status matches the study criteria, you will be invited to participate.

Clinical Research Trial Search

"Diabetes" or "Asthma", for example.