Once Your Child is Enrolled

Your child has accepted an important responsibility and needs your support and encouragement. Below are some tips to keep your child motivated and committed. 

Keep your child informed. Before each visit, let him or her know what is going to happen that day to plan accordingly and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Chart your child’s progress. Use a calendar to mark study visits and let your child mark them off after each visit is complete. 

Show your pride. Reinforce how proud you are of their decision to participate in the study. Older children may appreciate that they are making an important contribution to medicine. 

Involve your child’s teachers. If your child needs to miss school on a regular basis to attend visits, inform their teachers in advance to ensure your child gets the support he/she needs at school to keep up with class work. Your doctor should provide you with a discreet letter to ensure “excused” absences.

Remember. You and your child have the right to withdraw consent or assent at any time. You are your child’s greatest advocate and he/she needs to know that you will always be there to look out for their best interests.  

For more information, view the video Health research: making the decision for you by Nuffield Bioethics

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