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Clinical trials are producing medical advances that improve how we fight diseases such as diabetes, cancer and asthma. Here you can learn what that progress looks like for common health conditions. You'll see how far we've come and what new hope is on the horizon. Be sure to check out the latest headlines and current trials in need of volunteers. When you hear from patients in their own words, you may be inspired to join a clinical trial too.

Alzheimer's   +

The Human BrainResearch is making important progress in understanding how Alzheimer’s affects the brain, and a number of promising therapies are in clinical development.
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Arthritis   +

Arthritis painImportant advances in treating rheumatoid arthritis have proven to slow the progression of this degenerative disease. New therapies for osteoarthritis are reducing inflammation and control pain.
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Asthma   +

AsthmaWhen treated properly, asthma no longer puts the same limits on patients it once did. Research was dramatically improved asthma treatment with medicines that relieve acute attacks and control symptoms long-term.
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Cancer   +

Cancer cellsClinical research is helping unravel some of cancer's secrets to save and improve more lives. If more cancer patients joined clinical trials, that progress could accelerate.
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Cardiovascular   +

Blood PressureHeart disease is the number one cause of death in the world, but research and treatment have come a long way in the last ten years.
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Chronic pain   +

Chronic Pain LegPain affects everyone of all ages. It may be temporary like migraine or long-term like arthritis. Recent advances in pain management include new agents to target specific kinds of pain.
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Depression   +

WomanExperts estimate that more than 120 million people suffer from depressive disorders. But we've made great strides in the past 30 years. Today, depression is highly treatable with better medicines that can control symptoms with fewer side effects.
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Diabetes   +

Glucose Monitor DiabetesThis life-threatening disease is increasing worldwide at epidemic rates. But the good news is the research pipeline holds more than 500 potential medicines for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
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Gastrointestinal disorders   +

Colon GastrointestinalGI diseases include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease and colitis. Although some digestive disorders may be managed by diet and medication, clinical trials offer hope for new therapies.
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Lupus   +

Female talking with doctorSignificant progress is being made in Lupus research, and today, people with lupus can live full, active lives at home and at work.
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Multiple Sclerosis   +

Multiple SclerosisMultiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that affects an estimated 2.5 million people worldwide and is the most common disabling neurological condition among young adults.
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Parkinson's   +

Parkinson'sAdvances in genetics and stem cell therapy offer hope to improve treatment and quality of life for people suffering from this debilitating disease.
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